Saturday, November 14, 2015


"Hu Jintao is Hitler"....anyone?

I had posted this several years ago and found it in my drafts. Apparently it hadn't posted properly. Always fun to see if one's speculations are accurate.

We don't see a lot of mass demonstrations around the world with impassioned freelance protestors carrying signs that say China's appointed president Hu Jintao "is Hitler." We also don't see 'round the clock television news and print media decrying the horrors taking place in the Sudan. True, the violence is enough to get some media coverage -- an establishment media outlet can only unbalence the news so much before they've lost all credibility.

During the last five years, Chinese backed Sudanese tribesmen have been responsible for over 200,000 deaths and displaced over two and a half million people. Surely that's on par with tragedy in Iraq -- and the President of China threw in Tibet as a little extra (that did muster some temporary protest).

So why exactly is Hu Jintao the host of the Summer Olylmpics and Bush is just....well, "Hitler?"

By the way, if you haven't noticed, Iraq is on the verge of becoming everything conservatives had hoped for and leftists had despised; a freely elected peaceful and prosperous nation. I know we're still in the very beginning of such a propect (Obama could be elected and Al Queda could have a new friendly abode for it's international operations), but lets hope the trends continue in Iraq and peace comes to the Sudan...even though Bush "is Hitler" and Hu Jintao isn't.

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